Let There Be Dance – Street par Jazzguetta à Bushwick, New York

White walls and wooden floor. Empty and silent, behind closed door. The room stood still, lifeless, in expectation of something to happen. Bright colors only poorly hid its gloomy mood.

But in the boiling of invisible things, as if appearing from blank space, sounds and notes and music came into being. An explosion of rhythmic particles, a big bang of beautiful melody, thundering in all directions.

And there, in the clash of tones and chords, from harmony sprung colors, and from colors a dancer. The tune gave her shape and inspired her steps and moves and grace. And the dancer danced, and rushed, and ran, and spinned, and jumped. She danced across the room. She danced body and soul.

And the tune faded away. And the dancer vanished. And the colors melted into white. And the room was filled with light.

A universe had passed.

Street art by Jazzguetta for the Buswhick Collective

🇺🇲 Jazzguetta’s dancer located in the Bushwick neighboorhood was, together with Pejac’s Tree, the two pieces of art, which stroke me most during my recent stay in New York. There is obvious energy, expressed through movement and colors in this painting. As soon as I had taken the picture, I thought of a scenario comparing a dance session in the training room to a big bang-like event : lots of energy released, the like of which would favor the appearance of all things known to us from matter to colors and sounds.

🇲🇫 La danseuse de Jazzguetta qui se trouve dans le quartier de Bushwick, ainsi que l’Arbre de Pejac sont les deux œuvres qui m’ont le plus marqué lors d’un récent séjour à New York. Il se dégage de cette œuvre une énergie évidente, exprimée au travers du mouvement et des colours de la composition. Dès que j’ai pris cette photo, je me suis représenté un scénario qui mettrait en parallèle une session de danse dans une salle d’entraînement à un événement comparable au big bang : énormément d’énergie libérée, favorisant l’apparition des choses qui nous sont connues, la matière, les couleurs et les sons.